1.  the view fire, etched within

as over thorn, we hollow –

upbraided laceration near

a softer lack weĠd weave


constricting more, His ember

in the brine expressly drawn

stricken, unwedded tulle


gleams eyed beside His cold

remorse, such unbelieving


paradox piercing crude

dark word too soon,

deep ebony unbound


sad eyes, then thrust

like metaphors that yearn

reaching far within a

chore-filled silence,

all stanza purged with rot.


2.  each elysian silence, I

engaged while fallen through

this hard-edged, preserved


between a breath heĠd know


endless, these throngs of


privately salvaging my name

engraved, and out from under

naked, your blinder brine


tossing my hair, deep follicle

never attained in color

desiring every contour, found


hotly, his sanctuary

crassly returns the light in me


reversing each cruel night

that nullified Him, sweet


3.  more chaste you were beside

me, long touch within

my throat –

as under welts, dark silence

amending sighs that break


she thrusts the twilight

beyond word

as soft emblems, he fogs

stamped malleably by cigarettes

fallen carve,

out of place


I sweetly steal you – nude, exposed

as wolfishly, he bleeds

returning virgin, rush untold

pleasured, these moans

that blackly sting


ask thee, I am

the potterĠs hand

dear and then colored




İ Stephanie Williams