Mother's Love

As I look back into my past
Sweet memories fill my mind,
How the time went oh so fast
I wish I could rewind.

Go back to when my biggest fear
Was pissing off my dad,
His lectures I would have to hear
When I did something bad.

Sometimes Grandma got involved
When we kids would fight,
A switch would deem the problem solved
And put us all to flight.

But when I fell and skinned a knee
Or someone broke my heart,
The only one to comfort me
Was with me from the start.

With gentle hands to dry my tears
For me there was no other,
Her snow white wings would calm my fears
That Angel was my Mother.

Her love I never had to doubt
The groundwork she had laid,
For me to grow and soon move out
How I wish I'd stayed.

Life went by at such a speed
It all was just a blur,
She taught me all I'd ever need
Except living without her.

My life will never be the same
Her love I can't replace,
Often, I still call her name
I long to see her face.

One day soon we'll meet once more
My heart will then be whole,
A reunion I am waiting for
Now Heaven is my goal.


April Waldron


Bio:  April Waldron is a writer from West Virginia who loves writing poetry and short fiction. Her work has been published in Brick Street Poetry Inc., "Cowboys & Cocktails, Poetry from the True Grit Saloon."