All in the Details


before the first date:

when they text you

you feel like you

could throw up

all over your keyboard

from excitement.

you type in 

“conversation topics,”

striking a new low.

you agonize

over which

nail polish color

to use.

you try out

ten different

ways to say “hello”

(this is the new new low). 

you wait at

the fancy restaurant

on Wilson Street

because you’re so

“progressive” and

you’ll meet him there.

“table for two.”

you’re on

your third roll,

you slip off your

new, very uncomfortable,


you realize

he isn’t coming.

no matter which

nail polish you wore.


© Alyssa Telgenhoff





Bio:  Alyssa Telgenhoff has been published in Spillwords, In Between Hangovers, and 101 Word Stories. Her current project is a young adult novel, exploring a concept that's been around for ages, titled “The Correctors.” Follow her on Instagram or Twitter, “Atelgy.”