Eskimo is always seeking high quality poems, rants, haikus, lyrics, essays, short fiction, scripts, reviews, links, artwork, photos, collages, jokes, announcements of new pubs and readings, wet dreams and whatever else you can think of.

It does not matter if your work has been previously published or if you have read it at open mics a hundred times, chances are that hardly anyone has seen it, so if you send it to Eskimo, more people will see it.

It does not matter what you write about, all Eskimo wants to see is good rhythm and diction, music and magic.

Poetry is an art form, and therefore it is completely and absolutely subjective. Eskimo can assure you that for every poem she has ever written, there are people who like it and people who don't like it.

Eskimo thinks that poetry, first and foremost, is most valuable to the person who has written it. Poetry is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual avocation that reflects what it is that makes us human.

Having said all this blither blather, Eskimo wants to say that "probably whatever you send me, I'll put up."

We are unable at this time to pay for you for your submissions. If you want to be paid for your work, then you should become a plumber or a politician.

Send your work via email to Let Eskimo Pie know if you want to include a bio, email address, web address, announcement of a new book, or photo along with your work.

And who knows, Eskimo just might publish your poema in a print version of The Best of Eskimo Pie some day.

Here's some examples of some really good things that might happen to you if you send your work to Eskimo: Arturo, after posting a poetic plea for a girlfriend, met Christina, the woman of his dreams and Eskimo got to read a poema at their wedding. Three poets read Eskimo Pie Girl's words and fell madly in love with her. Kimberly published her first poem on and subsequently published in all kinds of pubs. A local DJ found Eskimo Pie and a couple of other poets on and asked them to read on the radio. Eskimo Pie interviewed Mr. Garbarini who had never received any PR in Sacramento ever before, and the play he directed was just chosen as the number 1 play of 2003 by the Sacramento Bee. Raindog, from SoCal, found Eskimo on the web and journeyed to Sacto to give 2 readings. People from all over the world are reading