The beauty of parting


These golden waters, ineffable,

I never will see anymore.




The watermelon seller

turned his face to me.

Dark. Forget-me-not eyes.




Morning twilight.

A woman is shaking her white duvet out.

That she slept a little longer in it!




The might of arrival


Abruptly, the ship is trumpeting, and saying it is here.

The island is trembling and crying.




It is easy to live, it is easy to die.

There is nothing to add either to life,

or to death. 




© Margarita Serafimova


Bio:  Margarita Serafimova was shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize 2017, Summer Literary Seminars 2018 Poetry Contest, and the University Centre Grimsby International Literary Prize 2018; long-listed for the Erbacce Press Poetry Prize 2018 and the Red Wheelbarrow 2018 Prize; and nominated for Best of the Net 2018. She has three collections in Bulgarian. Her work appears in Agenda Poetry, London Grip, Trafika Europe, European Literature Network, The Journal, A-Minor, Waxwing, Orbis, Nixes Mate, StepAway, Ink, Sweat and Tears, HeadStuff, Minor Literatures, Writing Disorder, Birds We Piled Loosely, Orbis, Chronogram, Noble/Gas, Origins, millerŐs pond, Obra/Artifact , Califragile, TAYO, Shot Glass, Opiate, Poetic Diversity, Pure Slush, Harbinger Asylum, Punch, Tuck, Ginosko, and others. Visit: