My life is like the four seasons of the year.

It can be freezing

It can be blazing

It can be warm

It can be cool.


Often opinions of others oppress me like winter,

Shaping, shifting and sharing pain.

Almost like a chameleon,

I blend into what people say about me.


My lifeÕs a desert
Searching for the Oasis is my lifeÕs challenge.

Looking, liking, and loving is all part of the process.

But peopleÕs prejudice paralyzes me regardless,

And always alludes acceptance.


But sometime a bee can sit upon my blooming flower

Pollinating as it sucks the honey out of me.

Although it can hurt to release a part of myself to the world,

ItÕs all in preparation for a spring day

Just like how I wish to prepare for my spring day


Sometimes the rain falls for my pain in vain,

And tells me my Patience is the cadence for reticence.

This makes meager meaning for the purpose of my life,

Like a powerless boulder sitting beneath the snow for centuries.

© Joanna Seo

Bio:  Joanna Seo has three identities: Korean, Australian, and American. She likes to spend her time juggling the dynamic movements of Taekwondo or releasing her inner craze at karaoke. If not, you can find her snuggling inside a blanket on a Friday night, accompanied by horror films.