Her Mouth Was Twelve Inches Wide


Her mouth was twelve inches wide

From the left to the right side

And I wanted her to be my bride

So I said, "Set a date, I won't hide."



A Hug Is Spectacular


A hug is spectacular

A hug is splendid and more

A hug can hold you from falling on the floor

And if that is not a sign of near love, what can be more



Boris and Natasha


Boris and Natasha

Had meals of wine and goulash-a

Begun by their ma and pa

All four of them were all.



I Blew a Kiss into the Sky


I blew a kiss into the sky

And it landed in your eye

You ought not be looking around

At least not up and down


G. David Schwartz


Bio:  He is the former President of "Seed House," an  on-line, interfaith community forum.  He has also published three books  -  "A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue" (1994),  "Midrash and Working Out  of the Book" ( 2004), and most recently "Shards and Stanzas" (2011). 

         Names used are not real people.

         He is currently retired, and besides writing, he spends his time  volunteering in his community.  This gives him time to go out and make 

speeches and give autographs.