Phil is a Sacramento poet, artist and member of the Zapatista Solidarity Coalition, Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol and the Z-Rail Poets and
Writers Collective, until it disbanded, but not the friendships. He's been published in Ventana Abierta-Revista Latina, Drum Voices
Review, Voz de Zapatistas, etc., and many web sites. He has been the featured reader at many readings; UC Santa Barbara, Imperial Valley
College, Sac State, Sac City, San Francisco, Luna's, La Raza/Galeria Posada, etc. Phil often reads at local schools and has done
workshops with youth and school teachers. When Eskimo became embroiled in a battle with the City and County of Sacramento, Phil was
one of the few local poets who came down to the court to hold her hand. He has worked tirelessly for many years to aid the oppressed and
socially undernourished in Sacramento and elsewhere. Phil is definitely on Eskimo's list of Poetry Saints. Eskimo says to ask him if he still
has any of his cool coffee cups with poem and picture of Subcomandante Marcos.

Letter of Intent

"They produced so many marks on their faces,
in addition to the royal brand, they had their faces
covered with letters, for they bore the marks of all
who had bought and sold them." Motolinia, who
landed in Mexico in 1524, describing how slaves
were branded each time they changed owners.

their faces were long stories,
so many letters
giving birth to words,
unending tales
that wound thru screams
of wounded skin,
claims to their bodies
crawled over contorted faces,
a mural of revolving slavery,
hiss of branding
was a burning song
to ears that heard no hope,
each body was traded
from owner to owner,
raw pain came with each exchange,
husband cut from wife,
from children,
birth of generations,
hot iron marks
joined eachother in mangled confusion,
disappearing all identity,
skin can only hold so much pain,
so many stories,
until it shatters like frozen tears.

Copyright Phil Goldvarg 3/01