Sci-Fi Haiku 

large meteor heads 
in path directly for earth 
took them years to build 

large asteroid hits 
floating around like EarthÕs moon 
a large piece of Mars 

some tracked the message 
signal from Mars underground 
vacancies now filled 

after first contract 
aliens never return 
first met with congress 

crew does not realize 
as they land on new planet 
whole globe is quicksand 

humans unaware 
the first had contact occurred 
form of liquid drops 

no gravity 
atmosphere ahead 

the Milky Way 
crashes into galaxy 
others record 

ufo lands 
they arrived from the future 
bought lotto tickets 

ufo arrives 
the night of Fourth of July 
decides to fire back 

ufo lands 
the craft larger than Jupiter 
the Earth is crushed 

aliens land 
and tried to blend in on Earth 
with two pairs of eyes


© Denney E. Marshall