If I were sageÉ

If I were sage,
I would turn the page,
But I am unable to disengage,
So consumed I am by a fiery rage
That I can no longer cage.
Time to bring out the power of the mage.
A war on your heart I shall wage
Until one of us dies of old age.


A fairytale ending

I used to believe I was the princess of this fairytale, only to realize I was the wicked witch all along;
People always told me that I stuck out like a sore thumb in the royal throng.
In retrospect, I realize, IÕve always had a skewed sense of right and wrong;
The lullaby of darkness, to this day, is my favorite song.
Now I comprehend why I never feel like I belong.
My suffering, I shall not prolong.
My princess life – so long!


Into the night

Another small slight
Another grand-scale fight
Out of pure requite.
Your spite
Will be our plight.
How can you, in this, delight?
At the end of this tunnel, I see no light.
Therefore, into the night
I must take flight.



You said that with other women you would never think to flirt.
So was I not enough to quench your thirst?
ShouldnÕt I have been the first?
So why did you, into my heart, a knife insert?
Why did me, you desert?

Now youÕll see what IÕm like when IÕm hurt.
I hope it will have been worth it, Gilbert.


Revenge:  My favorite type of play
If you donÕt wish to experience excruciating pain
You would do well to stay in your lane.
IÕm the undisputed winner of this game;
and the loserÕs shame
Is the winnerÕs only gain.
Is it really worth it to play, my dear Cain?



My words can either be, for your wounds, a healing lotion
Or, causing irreparable hurt, a poisonous potion.
What I make them to be all depends on the emotion
That within me, your actions put in motion.
So give me your total devotion,
Or upset me – but for your sake, only with caution.


© Lily Fields


Bio:  Lily currently works as a freelance translator and journalist.  Fiction-wise, she has been published by cc&d magazine.  She manages an Instagram page dedicated to her poetry and drawings (@lilyfieldsauthor).  She plans on publishing a poetry chapbook shortly.