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I'm in Tosantos

Locality of the province of Burgos

Sat in an "Ottoman"

As in sofa

In my room at ground level

Listening to the rain falling

Getting on my  nerves.

Just stop raining!

I get up

And I'm going to the window


The second grass

That covers the meadows

And the earth seasoning

That puts it in good condition.

I look out the window

Seeing Autilla and Otoci—n

Older woman and man

Listening to them:

He:  Woman, Grass sprouts in Autumn

She:  If only it would sprout YrsÁ

They were going to laugh

When they stop talking

Seeing two lovers arguing

The girl with a milk pitcher

Under her arm

And the boy with a slab in tow

Talking about the days

They spend without feeling.

I turned to the "Ottoman"

Started to listen

Because I have somewhere in me

The newly wet Autumn:

Lake of Tears

"I Feel the Autumn Rain"


© Daniel de Culla

 Photo and bio of Daniel de Culla

Daniel de Culla is a writer, poet and photographer. He is a member of the Spanish Writers Association, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, (IA) International Authors, Surrealism Art, and other groups. He is director of the Gallo Tricolor Review and the Robespierre Review. He has participated in many festivals of poetry and of theater in Madrid, Burgos, Berlin, Minden, Hannover and Geneva.  He has exhibited in many galleries including Madrid, Burgos, London and Amsterdam. He moves between North Hollywood, Madrid and Burgos; e-mail: