the in between


you and me,

we always talked about

the now


the future

we never talked about



in between

and how to make

the future happen

from the now.


i think that's because

we would've been forced

to talk about 




that we were both

afraid of.


what if


couldn't make it to the future?


the summer before


the leather seats are uncomfortable,

unfamiliar to my flesh in the hot summer heat. 

my legs coated in a thin sheen of sweat,

stuck to the smooth black

of the sofa while you seemed un-phased

by the move 

to higher ground where higher value

concerns seemed more

appropriately discussed.


i remember the way we used to sit

in a circle, criss-cross applesauce 

on the white carpet floor, 

picking blue lint balls from in

between the soft ruffles

as we talked about our problems, haphazardly

gossiping about the people

we surrounded ourselves with,

their names tied to nothing but the wind.


that was our choice.


i am uncomfortable on this leather seat, now,

confused how to position my legs –

should they cross? they want to bounce.


i am unfamiliar with this feeling,

the notion that i must turn my head 

to see your face and read your eyes, 

to get inside your mind.

it was so much easier

when all i had to do

was look up.


© Jordan Corley


Bio:  Jordan Corley is a student at Penn State with a passion for the art of poetry and creative writing.  She published her debut poetry collection, “battle scars," in 2018 at the age of 19.  She hopes that through her writing she can reach others dealing with physical and mental illness and spread the message that they are not alone in their fight.  Link to book on Amazon: