Can You Or Can You Not?


Why I am here for?

Can you help me find a reason to roar?

In a world of nasty chaos,

Can you help me find a shelter to pause?

In this gigantic habitat,

Can you help me find my soul which is partly segmented?

Among the huge population,

Can you help me identify hypocrisy stepping to elimination?

Even in a wholesome surrounding,

Can you not make me feel like withering?

I have an immense desire to burst away my suffering,

Can you just, just find me an empath?

In a fearful land, I get superstitious

Can you stop making me copious?

To the brutal dwellers,

Can you bless them with wits and not jewellers?

In a bouquet of scathy

How can I find amity?

Not a single affirmatibility

Then how can we define HUMANITY...?


Kavery Choudhury