Fractured Love

Your love is like a broken bone,

ItÕs unexpected but it aches

Your touch is like a smouldering iron,

It leaves scars on my skin

YouÕre a frequent heartbreaker, wishing to realise

But that incandescent look gave me irresistible nostalgia.


The angst was nothing but impenetrable despair,

It turned into the seethe of bitterness and resentment

For you, I lived every day

Nothing could compare to the woe surrounding,

I wish it were divergent, an unbreakable bond.


© Nadia Chapman

Bio:   Nadia is a Communications student, and a current Freelance Content Writer. She specialises in News and Media, and uses her expertise to craft news content that is strictly focused on societal issues. She is also a blogger who writes about personal experiences and issues that impact our planet. Here's her blog: