(Photo of Susi Bocks)








push me
over the edge
of my disillusionment


to something
to someone


propelling me
to care


back to being in awe
back to wanting more
back to love


itŐs empty here


**Originally published on I Write Her 1/12/19   


© Susi Bocks


Bio - Susi Bocks was born to an American soldier and German mother in Berlin, Germany in 1962 before the infamous Wall came down. Most of her years were spent in Wilmington, DE before moving on to the next journeys of her life - marriage, and the birth of two amazing humans. She now resides in the middle of Kansas and identifies as a writer and author. She primarily writes poetry but all thoughts are recorded at IWriteHer.com 

Books published - Feeling Human in Dec 2017 and Every Day I Pause in Dec 2018  
Email - sushibocks@gmail.com

Website address - https://iwriteher.com/