Try to turn that thought



The art

Of waiting for


The Rain-Tree

To flower:


The front porch



To move of its own

Accord, and


You – god willing,

Still in it.






Since there’s the scarcity

Of timbre to it – what

Is it that’s

Been fleeced

From me?


Separate tables!

A bogus

Wine waiter

And the tuning fork

Of a sub-let


Symphonic score.


Be quick...

Either way

The minions play – and


In the wings

Has grown horns.






How to address the hollowness

That looks out

From an old friend’s eyes?


Much is demanded of the observer, far more

Than the one

Salvaging the desire.


Affiliations are catching. Just

Search your pockets. You’ll find smoke

But there is no fire!


Most of us are in this state

Of rehabilitation, constantly

Meeting another’s danse macabre.


People of the earth, there is

A conspiracy to keep us

Leaning away from ourselves.


Believe in the universal petition. Learn

To look into a cripple’s eyes

And say – I know you.


© Stefanie Bennett


Bio:  Stefanie Bennett has published over a dozen books of poetry [the latest “Resurgence:  The Last Day”], a novel & a libretto & was a nominee for the Pushcart & Best of the Web 2016 + the Pushcart in 2018. She is an ex-blues singer & musician who works with Arts Action For Peace, LGBTI Equality + Amnesty. Of mixed ancestry [Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee] she was born in Queensland, Australia.