MAY 2015


Joshua David Dunlap

Newton Smith

Gracie Georgina

Richard Schnap

John Grey

Andrew Fujio Rodriguez

Linda M. Crate

Joe Balaz

Sarah Henry

Bremer Acosta

Kyla Waites

James Babbs

Mel Waldman, Ph.D.

F. S. Blake

Ronnie J. Stocks, II

Kirstan Wolfe

Kat Wilson

Emiko Willison

Scott Thomas Outlar

Jaewon Yoo

Andrew Condouris

Stefanie Bennett

Benjamin Biesek

J. K. Durick

Michael Ceraolo

Douglas Polk

Craig Kurtz

Dee Sunshine

Tom Sheehan

Pic 1

Jack Hirschman & Francisco Dominguez at the Sacramento International Film Festival © epg

David Thompson Lennon Peace Wall

"Moustache" - Photo © David J. Thompson. David J. Thompson is a former prep school teacher and coach. He has been traveling since October 2013. Please visit his photo website at

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That's the Way the Pastry Crumbles by Savanna Franklin

Flash Fiction by Alexis Avila

Sweet Dreams by Samantha Leung

A Hatchet and a Note by Joshua L. Angeles

All About Maddie by Yeji Kasie Lee

Lone Wolf by Branden Brown

Sweet Dreams by Karina Mayoral

The Special Ingredient by Peter Truong

The Heist by Jasmine Chen

Fall Away by Isabella Vasquez

Fight to the Beginning by Kasey Cordova

A Bear Eat Bear World by Jalyssa Groom

Bus Stop Blues by Lydia Law

Ultimate Decision by Savannah Bayan

Hansel and Gretel by Angela Nicole Castillo

Black Despondency by Natalie Wallace

Exposing the Closet by Wendy Gonzalez

A Gathering of Generations by Donal Mahoney

Stuck by Jessica Kim

Show's Over by Penelope Yagake

Xico González reads at the UC Davis Arboretum © epg








A Burnt Offering by Dee Sunshine written 27th January 1995: The 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Kit Chell Poetry Performance, Eugene, Oregon Downtown Public Library, October 2014

Chatoyant 9 - words and music from Ruben Reveles, frank andrick, Rachel Leibrock, Sage Robbins and Jessalyn Wakefield

Audio poems from The Bad Seed by Dee Sunshine

Carry On Open Mic at Cush in Eugene, Oregon featuring Kit Chell

The Yarre Stooker film Mary, based on Eddie Woods’ poem “Mary” and starring Win Harms in the title role, is online for general viewing here:

Michael Lee Johnson "Saskatchewan Sky"

H. M. Shephard

Kit Chell and Stone Cold Jazz

Jo Sommer - World Champion on the Didgeridoo

Robert Laughlin "Decay for Hollywood"

Suchoon Mo "Dance of Snow"

Carol Novack with Paul Toth "In the Beginning"

Dan Ruhrmanty "Zero Balance"

Poets in Motion

Poetry videos by Michael Lee Johnson

John Yamrus is interviewed on bctv

frank andrick reads on GoodDay Sacramento

Tony Seymour, Ruebi Jiminez and Phillip T. Nails read at SPC

Our House Poetry Series I, II

Carrie Rudzinski at SPC © epg



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